Planning for Seoul vacation.

For the coming Singapore National long weekend, my husband and I are planning to go Seoul. Like finally. We had been wanting to go there for holiday for as long as he has been addicted to Running Man, but we just didn’t have the opportunity. As for me, I’ve been there a couple of times for work, but never holiday. So I really can’t wait for this trip.

But then the MERS outbreak happen. Although we still have at least two months from now before our holiday, my husband is feeling kinda panicky. I’m still optimistic that by the time our weekend is around the corner, this outbreak would be handled and hopefully, eased off.

If not, I have to plan for another place to visit. The next candidate would be Osaka/Kyoto, Hongkong or Maldives. None of them I particularly excited about. Osaka/Kyoto for the sole reason that I have been visiting Japan a little too much this past few months. For Hongkong, well, I’ll be there next week so I don’t think I wanna go there again in August. And as for Maldives, I just think it’s gonna be super boring. I don’t swim, I hate suntanning and I think beach holiday is just not for me. So yeah. there you go.

So I’m really crossing my finger that this MERS outbreak can be contained soon.

Please please South Korea, get well soon!


Aesop, Goodness from down under.


I was in search of a new cleanser, preferably non-foamy formula as I realized my skin has started to go from normal to dry. So I have to change some of my skincare products. That’s when A friend of mine introduced Aesop Face Cleanser, a brand which I’ve never heard of.

Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987 with a quest to create a range of superlative products for the skin, hair and body. We are committed to using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy – particularly those with the greatest anti-oxidant properties – Aesop website.

Based on all of the good reviews on the internet and some of my friends who are using it, I decided to give it a try. During my stay in Sydney, I visited their shop in Westfield. The store was decorated Ina sleek, minimalist style, with black shelves filled with bottles of the products. The staff was wearing a white lab coat that reminded me of Kiehl’s employee. It felt really clean, hygienic and somehow made me believe that the products would deliver the same kind of results.

So what are the products that I choose and why? Read on!

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Japan: Shimokitazawa and Shibuya

Less than 24 hours in Tokyo with Iput.

Yesterday’s trip to Tokyo was the best one out of all of my japan trips. Mostly because this time my old friend, who’s working in Tokyo right now, brought me around. It’s really different when you explore a place with someone who lives there, someone who knows the language. Everything went smoothly, especially when it comes to ordering food, buying stuff and not getting lost.

As I only have half a day to spend in Tokyo, my friend decided to come over to the hotel that I stayed in despite the fact that I checked in pretty late (almost midnight). Just so we didn’t have to go to the trouble of setting up meeting somewhere in town. We then went for supper at a yakotori restaurant at a nearby mall. The food was really good, and I even finished a bottle of Sapporo beer.

The following day, I asked her to bring me to Shimokitazawa. A hip neighborhood filled with cafés and vintage clothing/accessories stores that’s situated just a few train stops away from Shibuya. First thing to do once we got there was to find a cafe for a brunch and we decided on this cozy little one called J.S. Pancake Cafe.



There are very limited seats available in this cafe, but there’s a take-out counter on the other side of the building.


My order of J.S. Pancake with maple syrup. Very very delicious pancake, love that its texture was different than ordinary pancake. Very fluffy and buttery.


My friend’s order of pancake with salmon and avocado. I didn’t know how it taste like cause I just can’t take avocado, all I know it looked really green. Though my friend said it was pretty good.


Overall, it was a very satisfying brunch. Oh, and my friend accidentally left her hand phone there which we only realized about an hour later. When we went back, the staff actually kept her phone and put it in a ziplock back. That’s what I call excellent service.

Afterwards we explored the neighborhood by entering many of the shops but not getting anything. Haha. The stuff sold there were on the pricey side and there wasn’t one that I really fell in love with. I ended up buying a beanie for a shop called Big Man and my friend got herself a cute bracelet.

Then we headed over to Shibuya, and just roamed around the streets aimlessly. After grabbing some make-up at Loft& and Matsumoto Kiyoshi, we had some coffees and snacks at a coffee shop by Yoyogi Park.

Beautiful white roses for Mother's day.

Beautiful white roses for Mother’s day.

The must-take photo with Hachiko in Shibuya.

The must-take photo with Hachiko in Shibuya.

Random stuff I picked in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Random stuff I picked in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

And at Loft&

And at Loft&




Time seems to fly by when we’re having a good time, and before I knew it we had to part ways. I had to fly back home that very same night and my friend had to go back to her dorm. It was really great catching up with her again after almost a year since our last meet-up. Hopefully I get to meet her again soon.

Inexpensive home based nail salon.

My nails had always been weak and brittle, even back when I had not applied nail polish on regular basis. During school days when I was always on budget and broke, nails were at the bottom of my priority list. All I could do was admiring pretty nail pictures on Tumblr. How sad.

But ever since I started work two years ago where having a healthy, good-looking, polished-nails are almost like a compulsory must-haves, I begin my journey on finding a good manicure salon. And nail products that could keep my nails healthy.

Initially I was pretty contented with a classic manicure in which my nails would look very pretty presentable for at least one working day. After which either some of the nails chipped and broke, or the nail polish would completely come off. It was really frustrating. Then, I decided to do gellish manicure which thankfully lasted longer. But we humans, are never satisfied. After I managed to get a lasting polished nails, I wanted my nails to be in equal lengths, which means less chipping and breaking. This part was rather difficult to achieve as I can’t find products that has an immediate effect.

Besides, nail treatments are not exactly cheap. The package I bought for 12 classic manicure at a nail salon cost me about S$300+. And they always try to hard sell you products when you’re doing your nails. Something I really hate. For gellish manicure, it costs me around S$60 for the treatment and removal process. Can you imagine how much money I burned on my nails?

Then incidentally I found a home-based nail salon near my house. I came across its website and Facebook page one night and the rest was history. It’s called nailush. Check it out if you live in the eastern area of Singapore. The Myanmar lady who owned and doubled as the manicurist, recommended me to do gel overlay on my gellish manicure so as to strengthen the nails. For nails that were chipped and hence were on the unequal lengths, she gave me a free soft gel extension. How cool was that? So right now I’m only paying S$55 per visit. It was the answer to my prayer. Now, going for manicure is only a monthly thing because my nails are looking pretty and healthy.



Reading: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.



Picked up this book by coincidence at a book store in New Delhi. I wasn’t planning on buying anything when I spotted this one on the shelf. A trilogy compiled into one book for S$12? Too good of a deal to miss. I’m not really sure what’s the story is all about, to be honest. I’ve never even heard of the book before. Although I’ve read some of Murakami’s more popular writings, like Norwegian Wood. It was the mentioning of something about ‘another world’ that piqued my interest.


So far I’ve read about 190 pages of it and not really hooked on it yet. Will see after a couple of more chapters.

Hitting the big three.

Lately, I have realized how my taste in clothing have begun to change. I no longer attracted to ‘young’ fashion brand like Topshop, Bershka or MDS, which used to be my go-to shops for clothes and accessories. Nowadays, I had been filling my wardrobe with a “more matured” look. The shops I frequented lately are Zara and Muji, and Esprit for coats and winter wear (I spent quite a lot in there buying more and more winter wear that I really don’t need). And as for Muji, I just love Japanese ladies fashion, with their oversized knee-length shirts and leggings. It’s maximum comfort. If only I can dress like that at home, but sadly, Singapore is just too hot. Shorts and tank tops are my at-home uniform.

Another thing that I am trying to force myself to stick to is beauty regime. Just a few days ago, I noticed the fine lines under my eyes. It scared the shit out of me. I don’t want to have wrinkles just yet. I don’t want to look old. Feeling old is alright, but looking old? Just no. So I have been trying to find a good eye cream. At the moment I am trying Avene Ystheal Eye and Lip Countour Care that I grabbed in Paris based on an acquaintance’s recommendation. But after using it for the past three weeks, I see no improvement/change at all. In fact, every time I apply it, my eyes become itchy. I guess I have to find a new product. At the moment I’m leaning towards Shiseido products. I’ve been using Shiseido night moisturizer from their White Lucent line and it’s been pretty good on my skin. So maybe I should give their eye cream a try too. After a little research (mostly based on reviews and site’s explanation), I’m weighing my options on the Future Solution LX or Ibuki range. I’m still not sure which one is most effective on treating my dark circles and fine lines. Probably I should get a store consultation. I’ll post again once I’ve made a decision on which product to use. Another concern is where to get those Shiseido products. The cheapest ones will be in Japan, which I’m going to next month, but there’s the whole language and literacy barrier and I am just afraid of not getting the correct ones. Another option will be in the Changi Airport where it’s tax-free, and I’m going for a travel this week.

I don’t know why but I guess it kinds of hit me that I’ll be turning thirty in less than two and a half years. That I am not that young anymore. That I have to start acting and looking my age. You can’t really notice the change in your thinking or lifestyle as obvious as your clothing/accessories preferences. So it’s more of a symbol for me that I am changing. I am taking that one step to embrace adulthood. Something that I had been avoiding for the past years.


PS. I did some quick enquiry at Takashimaya Shiseido counter and the consultant there strongly recommended the BEneficiance line instead. Weirdly, the counter did not carry the Future Solution X  line so I couldn’t ask. But then again, I was lucky I didn’t ask because that line seems to be on Shiseido high end list. When I checked the price at Changi Airport T2, my jaw almost dropped. The whole line pricing is comparable to La Mer products. Something that I am not willing to splurge my money on just yet. Even SK-II products (which my mother loves), in my opinion, is kind of expensive.  Anyway, I have decided on the Beneficiance line and I’m gonna get it at Narita Aeon Mall. That department stores’ cosmetic section is just heavenly. You can pretty much find every single Japanese beauty products in one floor and most often than not they have some kind of English words dropped in here and there for direction. Unlike Matsumoto Kiyoshi, where all the stuffs are mixed together, although it’s pretty decent for a drugstore.